Agata Karolina Niemkiewicz (1986) is Studio Agata Karolina – a South African/Polish currently based between Cape Town, South Africa and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Agata Karolina works in the fields of design cultures, initiation, curation and project management.

The work of Studio Agata Karolina touches relevant issues such as the role of design to establish coherent systems - which bridges gaps between crafts people, designers and the public, the connections between varied cultures and people, a critical approach to user and emotional experience and the significance of objects as a cultural carrier. She draws inspiration from her own mixed cultural background of growing up as a Polish immigrant in Southern Africa, the mixing of two cultures and the outcome effect.

The Aim of the Studio is to create a coherent body of work with both self-commissioned projects and in collaboration with companies and individual clients; focusing on creating objects and user experiences that stimulate a more critical and conscious relationship between user and final design.

All work © Agata Karolina 2013

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